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How To Get More Local Customers

THREE THINGS TO DO TO GET MORE LOCAL CUSTOMERS USING FACEBOOK: 1.Target Your Audience, 2. Remarket to those who’ve visited your website and 3. Use Facebook Local Awareness ads… Be sure to etermine who and where the majority of your local customers are coming from to find you, use tracking analytics to monitor. Research has […]

How to Create a Unique Value Proposition

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Social Media for Business – How to Optimize your Facebook Page

Facebook for 2015 has become pretty much a pay-to-play service, therefore most of your promotional content you may post will go unnoticed by your fans and followers. However Facebook is still an important tool to have in your marketing toolbox…following is the complete breakdown on how to optimize your Facebook page for your business. Business […]

We Will Be Your Marketing Department

The world of marketing is complex. Every business owner now has to be proficient with not only print, radio, and tv marketing,,but also social, internet and mobile marketing. It’s too much to ask a local business owner to stay up to date with the latest techniques of his craft but to also master the marketing […]

Marketing Tips for Local Maryland Dentists – Columbia,MD


Can Your Business Be found by Potential Customers? |Laurel Business Marketing Help

Can you be found in the places your customers are looking? Search engines rely on accurate information to confirm the legitimacy of your company. Inaccurate or missing information pertaining to your business name,phone number and  address can lead to a listing being downgraded by the respective directory. Don’t let this happen to you go… to http://Mox.com/local […]

How we used in-store video as a foot traffic driver for a local business

This is a video we did approx 3 years ago. The problem: Though the mall was getting traffic (not a lot) the client’s specialty arts store wasn’t being noticed and no one was coming in to browse. Solution: We decided to shake it up a little and disrupt the market a little…though this is standard […]

Why Do Your Customers Stop Coming In?…The Answer May Surprise You


The Local Business Marketing Guide February 2014 Edition is Out

Here’s the February edition of the Local Business Marketing Guide for February 2014. Don’t forget to join us on Facebook to keep up as we share marketing tips useful to growing your business in the community you serve. Post by LOCALLYACT.

Reputation Management |LocallyAct Marketing Magazine-August 2013

All businesses want to turn first time visitors to their into street evangelists for their establishment. And as we all know awhen a customer has a great experience with a business they may tell three friends but if it’s a bad experience they will tell twenty. That number who hear about bad experiences rises in […]