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Digital Media Strategist

Position Overview: Our role as digital media strategists is to help create, manage and oversee the development and execution of consumer-focused advertising, marketing and social media campaigns. Acting as a central point of contact for your brand, we will help ensure the creative messaging and overall campaigns are on-point, well planned out, and properly executed in a timely manner.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Conceptualize and develop integrated online communication strategies designed to grow digital audiences and support social media initiatives.
  2. Work closely with the you or your marketing representative  to develop innovative strategies based on input from social media monitoring tools, competitive analysis and consumer feedback.
  3. Coordinate the development and execution of both the copywriting and design of the digital marketing campaigns.
  4.  Promotions will encompass all marketing channels including on-site units, display ads, email and print along with various efforts within the social media domains.
  5. Generate production schedules, manage deadlines, coordinate updates, and secure internal approvals.
  6.  This will be required for all marketing campaigns and related testing.
  7. Manage the development of traditional marketing materials such as print, tv and radio alongside digital media initiatives to ensure integrated messaging.
  8. Assist in other facets of marketing campaign management including the deployment of promotions, analysis, determining ROI and making both test and rollout recommendations.
  9. Maintain awareness of new social media marketing techniques being used by others, as well as look for opportunities to innovate and provide fresh approaches for ongoing online marketing initiatives.
  10. Track success of social media marketing programs and organize those results and findings into documents which can be shared company-wide.
  11. Help Your Company  find success with unique and timely promotional campaigns featuring incentives to join the social communities such as exclusive content, contests, insider access or other opportunities.
  12.  Regularly propose new marketing ideas to consider.
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