Big PostCard Advertising Explained


Here are a few:

1. This is an exclusive advertising piece. There will be only 16 non-competing businesses on this card. Therefore your potential customer/client will see no potential competitors on this 9×12 inch postcard.

2. The postcard is big! It’s the biggest size mailing piece that the USPS will handle without folding.

3. It’s a postcard…there are no pages to turn. No fumbling through multiple pages to see your offer. It’s front and back! Your ad will get seen! You’ll get billboard exposure for pennies on the dollar.

4. It’s less expensive because you’re buying advertising as a group. If you were to mail a postcard this size to 2500 households it could cost you a couple thousand dollars. However because we’re leveraging the buying power of the group this will cost you less than ten cents per home passed.

5. The card won’t get thrown out right away! The reason is because it’s stuffed with good offers that people consume regularly i.e… restaurants, entertainment, etc. This is especially valuable to those who are in the service industries, Dentists, Plumbers, Hair Salons, Painters, Auto Repair, etc because it means your offer will stay in the home longer.

6. The postcard is 14 stock double sided uv glossy product. In other words it’s pretty, in advertising pretty is good!

7. The majority of most local businesses customers are within five miles of their location. These are the households that the “Big Post Card” targets. Our mailing targets mid-upper middle income earners. You no longer will waste your money advertising to people in other towns and cities who will never visit your business.

The Big Postcard